Zombies invented in Buffalo?

By Greg Hinaman
Originally posted on Buffalorising.com
Mark Twain was living in Buffalo for awhile. One of the stories he wrote in 1872 while he was here was called “A Curious Dream”–a story about corpses rising from the dead and walking. Is Buffalo the birthplace of Zombies used in entertainment form?
The earliest zombie walk on record was held on August 19, 2001, in Sacramento, California. The event, billed as “The Zombie Parade,” and the idea spread to other cities, and in October 2003 the second zombie gathering on record, billed as a “Zombie Walk,” was held in Toronto, Ontario
In 2009 Terror Technologies started looking into the Zombie craze–right after our Free Haunted House for Charity wrapped up for the season. We were looking for a way to promote our Charity Haunt year-round when we got together with Mark Madden of Maddtat2 & Madd Tiki Tattoo in April of 2010 and held the first official Buffalo Zombie Walk for Charity & Pub Crawl just 2 months later on July 10, 2010.
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