Third Annual The Witches Ball – “Vamp”

For the third year in a row I am organizing The Witches Ball (TWB), to be held at The Hotel @ The Lafayette on Halloween night – Friday, October 31, 2014. This year we’re adding some pretty cool aesthetic effects to the ball, including a low lying dry ice machine and black lights. I’ve set up an official TWB page, so that people can track the updates whenever they wish (see here), plus I’ve added an event page that has additional details on this year’s masquerade ball (see here).

The 2014 theme is “Vamp”: A femme fatale character in movies or books. The character is a woman who has a certain allure (usually this striking, exotic, overtly sexy glamour), and is usually a heartless, man-eating seductress.

This will be a fun theme for the girls who can probably grab some interesting costume components from their closet (and maybe a mask to ham it up). But what are the guys supposed to dress up as, since “Vamp” is a feminine quality? In this case, we’re suggesting that the guys dress up as Vamp Slayers, or “…a man who meets as Vamp, and lives to tell the tale.” We’ll leave the rest up to the imagination. Here’s a preview for 2014…

Vamp, Witches Ball 2014 from Jim Bush on Vimeo.

As for the activities at the ball, here is a breakdown of some of the activities that we have lined up so far:

This year’s ball will include DJ Mike Sunglasses in the Grand Ballroom with Eye Candy Burlesque and Kickstart Rumble. Black lights and low lying fog machine will add some theatrics. More lasers and movie projectors (showing a Jim Bush original film made for the event). Free red velvet chocolate fountain (Nickel City Novelties) in the Macabre Gallery (Mark Madden). Live S&M photo shoot in the new Groom Service Beauty Bar. Bar by Butterwood in the Main Lobby, along with DJ All Day Jon Lay and flash mob/dance numbers by Foxy Diamondz. Art Coffins by Madd Loco. Fleuron Rouge Belly Dancers. John Harris will be back to create a Rave Lounge in the Courtyard Room (upstairs). Dan Harper and Magic Show in Pan Am. Séance and fortune tellers upstairs with Mason Winfield’s psychic fair (Greenhouse Room). David DeMarie’s Thriller Girls. TWP Dancers on the Main Stage. Live bands – Bipoloroids, Zuri and her Freakshow (Crystal Ballroom). Food catered by AcQua.Food and drink lounge by Bourbon & Butter (Lobby Bar). Special surprises in store.

Third Annual The Witches Ball – “Vamp” | Hotel @ The Lafayette | 21 and over | Friday, October 31, 2014 | 7pm-1am

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased here. Your name will be added to the “paid” guest list. See Facebook event

There is no valet parking this year due to low demand in the past. Take the Metro Rail for convenience.

Photos by Nico, Mario Lorenzo and Glenn Murray…