2018 Announcements:

Stay tuned to this page or follow us on facebook and Instagram @witchesballbuffalo for more artists, musicians, and acts to be announced soon. This party is shaping up to be the craziest yet!

Wowza! Guess who’s joining us this year?! NERDS GONE WILD in WNY will be on our main ballroom stage from 9:08 p.m. to 12:08 a.m. LOL #nerdtime.

Check out their official website at

2017 Schedule

The Annual Halloween Masquerade hosted by Buffalo Rising is back @ Statler City on Saturday, October 27, 2018.  The Witches Ball is a high-fashion horror event featuring dozens of local artists, musicians, and performers.

Don’t miss out on this massive Halloween escapade that will literally take over Statler City, with over eight performance spaces and five separate event stages. This High-Fashion Horror Show has something for everyone. Check out the 2017 room descriptions and line-up below:


The Seven One Six Sideshow by MaddTat2

Ladies aaaaand gentlemen, step right up! Step right up, don’t be shy! The Seven One Six Sideshow, recently seen at Music Is Art, has returned! All guests must enter Statler City at Genesee street where we will take their ticket and check their IDs. This event is 21+ kiddos! Once you’ve been granted access to the 2017 Witches Ball, you’ll wander through our hall of horrors, our corridor of carnage, The Seven One Six Sideshow! First up is the “Macabre Art Gallery” curated by Maddtat2. Watch the painted snake lady herself,Mehandi Mahal Henna Artistry, and ring master,Mark Madden transform live models into fantasmic creatures. A theatrical art performance like no other – this stage show requires your participation! Be prepared to be pointed out! And maybe even part of the show. Paying homage to traveling circus sideshows of the past while mixing our own WNY freak-lore, this show will feature performers and on stage antics such as, Krazy Klowns, Jugglers, Magic with a little slight-of-hand, VooDoo magic, and of course, what’s a sideshow with out Madd-Freaks?! Resident DJs: Criminal Sound, Potent J, MatKa Buffalo, and Jonathan Allday Lay DnB, will be providing the beats to move your freakish feet. TheHell’s Harlots Burlesque troupe will have an extra special and spooky performance lined up. There’s lots to see and do: watch Balloon Brothers‘ own Joe Mock as he builds his giant creation from 9 – 11 p.m. or check out super freak, our own block head, Arlowe Price. Annnnnd finally, last but not least, rounding out the evening, is the one, the only – Lazy Ass Destroyer, followed by Angry Soil with a rap-punk freak show that is a sure shock!

This room is brought to you by Madd Grafix andMaddTat2 – Buffalo’s Best Tattoo Shop 408 Amherst St


Couture Courtyard

Sip your signature Bootleg Bucha cocktails, while you refresh and re-hydrate from dancing in the Couture Courtyard, located in the central most area of Statler City. This High-Fashion Horror Show has something for everyone. Getting you in the mood to move will be West African Drumming Sensation, The Slyboots School of Music, Art & Dance, at 8 p.m. – make room and be prepared to be amazed! At 8:30 p.m., burlesque beauty, Donna Rose, will christen our stage. Next, Buffalo’s professional belly dancers, Fleuron Rouge, will shimmy by, followed shortly by the exclusive band of the Witches Ball, “Dames of the Dead.” These sultry singers (Cortney Costanzo and Jess BG) will perform a melodic rock fusion that’s sure to please. At 10:45 p.m & 12:15 a.m., be sure to check out “Dragged Out” by Jayme Coxx. With fashionista’s Jayme Coxx, Christian GayeMelody Michaels,Sasha Storm, and special guest, Wednesday Westwood. In addition to our stage performances, making appearances through out the night will be pop-up dances, stilt walkers, and circus freaks from Extraordinary Arts LLC to stop the action as they roam from room to room. Maybe your feeling introspective? Do you have a question about love? finances? faith or direction? Ask Ms. Kitty (aka the Horror of the Voluptuous Marilyn Monroe) a spiritually guided medium for over 37 years. Last but certainly not least, stop by our Rust Belt Red Light District by Primrose Path Boutique and Dakota Darling. These lovely temptresses will invite passers-by to join their living tableau featuring products by Primrose Path Boutique, a local purveyor of quality sex products for all genders, sexual orientations, and identities. At the Witches Ball you’ll be able to browse the hand-selected display of toys carefully chosen for their quality, endurance, and satisfaction with an aesthetic appeal in mind. We hope you find something that inspires you, piques your curiosity, or expands your sexual horizons.


Club Decapitone

Party like the dead and undead at the hottest new spot in town, Club Decapitone, taking over the grande ballroom at Statler City for one night only! Throwin’ shade all night will be Dj SunGlasses Mike. His blood rave beats will get your cold heart pumping. If you look up you’ll find the beautiful and stoic ladies from Buffalo Aerial Dance. Don’t worry, they’ll be hanging around all night. At 9 p.m. those ROUGE Foxes take the stage fromFoxy Diamondz. The performance is sure to be mind blowing! At 10 p.m. the fang-tastic belly dance troupe,Fleuron Rouge will hip-notize you, if you’re not careful! Get ready to get down and low with the Random Ninjaz Crew at 10:30 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. They will be showing off “all-styles” including, popping (& locking), tutting, waving, robotics, and animation. As for the breaking you can expect to see some, toprock, footwork, power-moves, and freezes. Next we’re servin’ up some funk with C.O. JONES. The whole club is sure to be jumping from 10:45 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. So gather around the stage. Don’t worry, they don’t bite – hard! Sunglasses Mike will pick it back up, and will close out the night with a huge Witches Ball send off!

This room is brought to you by Dj SunGlasses Mike.


VooDoo Ranger Lounge

The VooDoo Ranger Lounge is back and more alive than ever! This room raises the dead and the roof with non-stop music and live stage performances.  Your emcee for the evening is Buffalebrity, DJ Milk! DJ Milk Buffalo will kick it off with rock and soul classics, hip-hop, pop, house, dance hall, reggae, reggaeton, soca or salsa. DJ Milk knows the songs that will make you dance! In tandem, the SE² Silent Disco will be groovin’ away throughout the night with DJ Redubulous and DJScafetta! It’s a party within a party! Going LIVE from the stage at 8:45 p.m. will be the stylings of the Tommy Z Band. Lovers of electric blues guitar, similar to the likes of SRV, Jimmie Vaughan, BB/Freddie/Albert King, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Jimi Hendrix, The Meters, etc…. will love Tommy Z. With a vocalist of this range, you can expect to hear funk, soul, jazz, rock, and R&B, as the musical ingredients in his original songs. Starting at 11:15 p.m. the UltraViolet Band will bring the hypnotizing 90’s throwback vibe, with hip hop, current pop, grunge favorites, and everything in between.

The Voodoo ranger lounge will also feature our “scream team” Terror Technologies, with Greg Hinaman “Deady” and Al Baker “Kreepie.” The Interactive Chamber of Horrors with Photo Op’ Chambers will include:

  • Shocking Electric Chair
  • The Hannibal Lecter Restraint Rack
  • Escaping Zombie Horde
  • The Mad Lab
  • Tesla Experiments Gone Wrong
  • Hair Raising Van DeGraff Generator, plus so much more!

Speaking of “hair-raising” experiences, stay tuned for more on what Brittany La Bella & Co. will be serving up!

On tap throughout the event will be the New Belgium Brewing – Voodoo Ranger IPA. This room is brought to you buy Reflex Productions.


The Upside Down Room


Are you a fan of Netflix original series, Stranger Things? If so, you don’t want to miss this year’s new room theme, “The Upside Down Room” located in the old Rendezvous Nightclub Statler City. Bringing you into the darker recesses visually and through curated sounds of our DJ line up. Here’s what you can expect:

The night begins with darker, progressive, melodic and twisted sounds with Kyle Moody & Charlie Abbott aka “Bad Hombres” from 7:00-9:15 p.m. Next up on your journey is the not-to-miss, Brian Gorman(aka Heavy Brain) at 9:15 p.m. with a live version of the Stranger Things theme song, as well as other spooky horror themed movie soundtracks. Afterwards, to lift your spirits and “Jack” you out of “The Upside Down” is Ted Hawkins bringing his “West Coast Jackin’ House” sound to The Witches Ball this year. Get ya groove on the dance floor! No horror show is complete without a surprise ending! Nate Howell, embracing the Halloween spirit, will bring you right back into the dark world of The Upside Down with a fever-pitch, heart-stopping, tribal, and ritualistic anthem for all beings, it will be other-worldly! So, be on the look-out for the signs that guide you to The Upside Down room. Embrace your inner dark side, and be on the lookout for Eggos! You might just be the key to help “Eleven” escape The Upside Down!

The Upside Down Room at the Witches Ball is brought to you by, Charlie Abbott, Photography By Nico, and 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio

The Psychic Lounge

A treasured annual feature of The Witches Ball is our Psychic Lounge where guests can sneak away from the festive mayhem to catch a moment of counsel from the other world, and at a prime season of the year. That, after all, was the original meaning of Halloween. It was the Day of the Dead, and the night of the returning spirits. 
As with earlier years, The Witches Ball Psychic Faire is arranged by author Mason Winfield as a spin of his company Haunted History Ghost Walks (HHGW), Inc., Western New York’s original outfit of supernatural tourism. “I’m a researcher and, frankly, a storyteller,” says Winfield. “Talking to the spirits isn’t one of my skills. But I have some very valued Spiritualist friends who believe that that is exactly what they do. Who am I to argue with their faith? Besides, there are a lot of people who want to hear from them. I am happy to involve their perspectives at The Witches Ball.” A handful of readers and psychic mediums will be waiting in the atmospheric lounge/bar area of the Hotel Statler to offer their insights. It will be a perfect night for a visit with the other side. “Halloween is more than just a party,” says Winfield. “It’s also a prime night to go within and try to reach back to the ancestors. The two avenues really do belong together. The Witches Ball is one of the few events you will ever attend at which you can experience them both.” Join Mason in the Psychic Lounge and learn what awaits you in 2018 and beyond!

Ghost Tours:

The Greater WNY Paranormal Society is BACK this year to give ghost hunting tours at the Witches Ball! Wander through restricted areas of Statler City where only the bravest care to go.
$15 per person for a 20 min tour. Tours run every 30 minutes. Look for their table at the end of The Seven One Six Sideshow.
The GWNYPS is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to finding scientific evidence of what is currently considered unexplained phenomena, believing that what is referred to as the “Paranormal” or “Supernatural” will someday be explained through the natural laws of science.

Full Line-up:


Lazy Ass Destroyer | Angry Soil | Dave Wasik | Dames of the Dead (an exclusive Witches Ball Band) | Ultraviolet | C.O. Jones | Tommy Z | Slyboots


Jonathan Allday Lay | Nate Howell | Sunglasses Mike | Heavy Brain (Live) | Ted Hawkins | Kyle Moody | Charlie Abbott | Milk | Criminal Sound | Potent J | Matka | Superstar DJ Slobbanozzle | Tobbio

Silent Disco
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. – DJ Redubulous
9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.  – DJ Scafetta


Fleuron Rouge | Foxy Diamondz | Donna Rose (Burlesque) | Random Ninjaz | Buffalo Aerial Dance | BDA Dancers


MaddGrafix Art Gallery | Magician Joe Maxwell (8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.) | Rust Belt Red Light District by Primrose Path Boutique & Dakota Darling | Dragged Out by Jayme Coxx | Balloon Brothers, Joe Mock (9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.) | Maritzalyn Mercado | PLUS, another fabulous art creation by Melissa Campbell | Hell’s Harlots |  Amber Dextrous | Brittany LaBella

Haunt Experiences

Mason Winfield | WNY Paranormal Society | Ivy Rivera’s Psychic Academy | Terror Technologies | Vintage Hearse | Dark Labyrinth Entertainment | Extraordinary Arts | Psychic Medium – Miss Kitty | The Seven One Six Sideshow by Maddtat2

Food Trucks

The Great Foodini | Mineo & Sapio Street Eats

Black Carpet | Virtual Costume Contest

Photography by Living in the Buff

VIP Lounge

Bootleg Bucha | Champagne Cloud


Event Host: Buffalo Rising

VIP Sponsor: Bootleg Bucha

Designated Driver: Bootleg Bucha

Event Sponsors: Seek Axiom | MaddGrafix |
MaddTat2 | Primrose Path Boutique | Maritzalyn Mercado

Beverage Sponsors: Jägermeister | Lockhouse DistilleryVoodoo Ranger IPA beer | New Belgium Brewing | Bootleg Bucha

Official event photography and videography by: Living in the Buff | Photography By Nico | Buffalo Branded | Seek Axiom (lead image & poster art)