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great-toad-oxygen-bar-buffalo-ny-1When throwing events in Buffalo, you never know who is going to walk through your front door… or in this case, what. Just yesterday, a special surprise was dropped into my lap when Melissa Campbell (Filigrees and Ultra Hoops) mentioned that she was bringing a special guest to The Witches Ball. The guest, it turns out, is a giant toad that seconds as an oxygen bar. Yup, you heard me right.

great-toad-buffalo-ny-2The idea for The Great Töad first came about during an Art Build session at Töad Meädow (see here). “Actually, the inspiration really came when Shakti Yoga (on Grant Street) was doing some spring cleaning. A number of people had left behind yoga mats over the years, and when I saw them I immediately noticed that the texture of the mats resembled the skin of a toad. When Damon Hudac and I started building the 6′ creation, we started with the process of building the structure, which was not that hard – I have an art degree, which helped. The hardest part of the project was building the foam scales – it was very time consuming. Altogether it took us over three weeks to create.”

After Melissa described the effort to make The Great Töad, I asked her how the idea of incorporating the oxygen bar came into play. She told me that while the work of art was under construction, her father passed away from emphysema. At that point, Melissa decided that she would incorporate a message into the project. She took a look at the tubing and the oxygen tank that her father had relied upon to breathe. She then decided to incorporate the same sort of tubing into The Great Töad. Then she talked to Damon Hudac who was knowledgable in the realm of plumbing, and that’s when the whole oxygen bar concept came into play. At the event, The Töads (Melissa’s crew) will be handing out fresh nose hoses (AKA nasal cannulas), and allowing guests to the ball to rejuvenate by a giant lily pad by the koi pond. Pillows will be provided for added comfort.


The Witches Ball | Friday, October 28 | 7pm to 1pm | Statler City

The event will feature over 25 different acts, artists, and DJs, including: Fleuron Rouge, Arlowe Price, Miss Kitty, Foxy Diamondz, Random Ninjaz, The Hunks, balloon sculptures by Joe Mock, Femme Noire (burlesque), Nickel City Novelties, Buffalo Aerial Dance, Lazy Ass Destroyer, Magician Joe Maxwell, Father Doomsday played by actor Bill Kennedy, Spun Out Fire, Hallway of Horror, Time to Dance (contortionists), Hearses of Ride In Peace Funeral & Formal Auto Society, Greater WNY Paranormal Ghost Library Tours, Buffalo Savage Carnival, Buffalo’s Best Freddy Krueger Impersonator (The Baron), Mahandi Mahal (henna), Voodoo Queen, Primrose Path, Slyboots (parade), DJ Milk, BDA Dancers, Mason Winfield (hosting tarot/palm readings), “Dragged Out” with Jamie Coxx & Friends, music from “The Phantom of the Opera” by Zach Carr and Cortney Chyme, a macabre art gallery, Interactive Chamber of Horrors, DJ Allday Jonlay, Potent J, Rusty Beretta, and intergalactic superstar DJ Slobbanozzle, Rufus Gibson, Bflo Lydia, Chuck Abbott, Psyko Kupkake, Travis Poling, Dusty Bits (Brother Bear B2B Notixx), Disco Brisket (Human Zoo aka Gene Linet B@B Diskomaster), and some fun surprises along the way.

This year, the ball is dedicated to dancing. The Golden Ballroom (Studio 716) will feature headliner John Ceglia, who was a guest DJ from the original Studio 54 in NYC, and a resident DJ at The Limelight. John recently moved back to Buffalo and will be playing close to a two hour set of disco for fans looking to dance, dance, dance. Dave Schulz and CO Jones (from Hollywood) will bring the funk in the same room, and Sunglasses Mike will bring on the heat early on.

Statler City’s Terrace Room will be a Voodoo Lounge, featuring a night filled with the sounds of Preach Freedom (Rusted Root) and his band Connect, as well as Ultraviolet (a No Doubt cover band), and the ever popular DJ Milk (for more dancing). Look for the Voodoo Queen to make appearances throughout the night, as well as contortionists earlier in the evening.

Adding to the excitement, the original Rendezvous Room (The Boiler Room) will be filled with DJs, the occasional drag queen and stupendous magician at the side bar. If you’ve ever been to a show in this room, then you know that it’s going to be sensational for getting down on the dance floor.

This year’s special guest is VJ Keith Harrington, who will be creating video effects throughout Statler City, including the Hallway of Horror. Per usual, Mark Madden and his crew from MaddTiki will be delivering an array of crazy visuals, alongside the ever-creepy antics of Terror Technologies.

The Witches Ball Costume Contest, hosted by Adam Boyd & Playboy model, Ashley Noel, will give away over $2,000 in prizes for best costume and sexiest guy/girl.

The 2016 Witches Ball will be held on Friday, October 28, 2016 at Statler City, 107 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY from 7 pm to 1 am. Main entrance is back of the hotel, near the Convention Center. There will food trucks at the event – Whole Hog, LLoyd Taco, Gourm-Asian.

Tickets are $40 per person. This event is for ages 21 and up. This year there is a food drive to benefit The Food Bank of WNY, conducted by Terror Technologies – bring a can of food and get ‘kissed’ by a zombie.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

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